Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Next Generation Google Infrastructure: Google Caffeine

Google has announced a new secret project called Google Caffeine – the next generation web search infrastructure. The idea behind it is to crawl a larger chunk of the web, index and rank changes in the organic search algorithm on a more frequent basis. Basically Google inviting web developers to previews the new Infrastructure and try get their feedback.

Google and other major search engines fail to respond to the daily and real time search results. Millions of new content is added, shared and posted on the web everyday. This push search engines to increase their indexing capacities and respond to this new content more frequently. A while ago I heard a lot of search marketers asking which is better in terms of search (mostly real-time search) “Google” or “Twitter”? Even Matt Cuts mentioned that they are different and to benefit the most you need to use them on a relevant basis. For instance a search about real-time feedback and communication Twitter may provide more useful and better results, however most of the results may be spam. Google is better when searching for general terms, trends and information etc. Today’s consumers are more demanding and looking for more real-time results and that is what makes Twitter so popular. With Google’s new infrastructure, it seems that the competition is taken to the next level. Google has the potential and resources to make this happen but we need to take into consideration that Twitter’s new initiatives, contributions and investments from other search engines will bring the new concept of search which will shape the future.

To give you an example of one of the impacts on Google search results: When searching on Google for “London Hotels Reviews” here is the list at 11:00 am

Here is the result page for the same day at 14:30 in the afternoon. As you see changes and number of comments and reviews and content changed. This is what we will see more in the near future. Of course when you visit the next day the page you will notice changes in the search results.

Real-time and blended is going to be a powerful foundation in the search market. With the new infrastructure, Google aims to be leading in this as in the general search. Twitter has changed the way of search work and proved how real-time can be an important aspect. As mentioned in the beginning of the article, everyday there are hundred of thousands new content, posts and comments generating on the web, the only way to compete and provide the most relevant search result is by implementing real-time and blended search. This is what the future shows and we are now in the future.

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